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Beyond the Textbook: Integrating Library Resources into Blackboard

Integrating Library Resources into Blackboard

Films on Demand


Linking to a Video

1. Click on the full title or segment title for the video you are interested in linking from your  Bb course

2. When the video appears, click on the Embed/Link option located below the video clip. 

3. When the Embed/Link window appears, copy & paste the Record URL into your Bb course. You DO NOT need to include the proxy prefix. The proxy prefix is already included in the Record URL.
*Click on the video clip image above to access the Films on Demand video.

Embedding a Video

  1. Click on the full title or segment title for the video you are interested in embedding in your  Bb course.
  2. When the video appears, click on the Embed/Link option located below the video clip.
  3. When the Embed/Link window appears, copy the Embed Code.
  4. You can also select a video size. The default size is Medium (660px Wide).

5. Make sure to click on the HTML option from the Blackboard Content Information menu. If you don't see the HTML option, click on the Show More icon located on the right side of the menu.

6. When the HTML code view window appears, paste the embed code, then click on the Update button. You DO NOT need to include the proxy prefix in the embed code. The proxy prefix is already included in the embed code.  

7. When you are back at the Item screen, click on the Submit button to save the embed code.  You should then see the embedded video in your Bb course.

Browser security options and playing embedded videos in Blackboard

Google Chrome:

  1. Click on the shield icon to the right of the Google Chrome URL address box.
  2. When the following message appears, Insecure content blocked - This page is trying to load scripts from unauthenticated sources, click on Load unsafe scripts.







Internet Explorer:

  1. From the Only secure content is displayed message on the bottom on the screen, click on Show all content.

Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Click on the lock icon to the left of the Firefox URL address box.
  2. When a Secure Connection message appears, Firefox has blocked parts of this page that are not secure, click on the right hand arrow.
  3. When the next Secure Connection message appears, click on the Disable protection for now button.