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Beyond the Textbook: Integrating Library Resources into Blackboard

Integrating Library Resources into Blackboard

Swank Digital Campus




Give student digital access to course-related films and custom lessons via Blackboard. Enhance the learning experience without taking up valuable class time.

Swank Digital Campus: Link Videos in Blackboard

First, check to verify that the movie is part of the Reynolds Swank collection.

If the movie is not currently listed, but available in the Swank catalog, please complete the video request form. 

Video request form:

 View an available film via Swank Digital Campus

On the main Swank page, find your requested film. Click on the link to go to the film.

Users will be prompted to login with their MyReynolds username and password.

The page for the film opens. Click Start Film to play. Note: Swank films play only in Internet Explorer and Firefox. Users will need the Silverlight plugin, which is free to download.


Copy the link to the film

Find the film on the main Swank page. Right-click on the link and choose Copy Link Location.


Add the film to your Blackboard course.

Once in your Blackboard course, click CONTENT.


From the drop down menu click ITEM.

 Type in the content box.


Add a link

Type title of the link and highlight it.

Click Insert hyperlink.

Paste the link (copied from Digital Campus) into the link form.

Choose Open in New Target Window.