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Citing Sources

Using MLA, APA and other formats

Important Reminders

Always check with your instructor on what format specifications to use for a particular class or assignment, especially when citing electronic resources including material found in library databases.

The automatic citation generators noted on this page are NOT FOOLPROOF.  These tools will save you time, but you should always double-check by:

  • reviewing the examples given on the Reynolds Libraries Citation Style: APA and MLA online guides
  • consulting with a Reynolds librarian
  • consulting with your instructor

Library Database Citation Generators

Automatic citation generators are also available via many of the library databases.


Free Citation Generators

Check out our Free Citation Generators page and ask a Reynolds librarian for assistance in using these citation generators.

Online Citation Guides

Reynolds Libraries' online citation guides include:

  • examples for citing a wide variety of resources
  • in-text citation examples
  • Links to printable handouts
  • Links to other helpful citation guides

One-on-one assistance from a Reynolds Librarian

Reynolds Librarians are more than happy to assist you with citing your sources. Come visit us at the Reference Desk at any campus library!

Citation Guides at the Reference Desk

The most recent copies of the MLA Handbook and the  APA Publication Manual are kept at the Reference Desk of each campus library and are available for your use within the library.