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Citing Sources

Using MLA, APA and other formats

What is Chicago Style?

Chicago Style is a citation and paper format originally created at the University of Chicago. It is most often used in some humanities and social science disciplines.

Turabian Style

The Chicago and Turabian styles are nearly identical.The only major difference is how notes are numbered. 

  • In Turabian style, use superscript 1 for endnote and footnote numbers in the text and at the beginning of each note.
  • In Chicago style, the note number in the text is in parentheses (1) and is followed by a period and space in the note, as in the following example:

1. Chicago


Chicago style guides

Web resources explain bibliography, citing sources in your paper, and formatting your paper.

Chicago style sample papers


Printable Handouts for forming the Works Cited or Bibliography