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Citing Sources

Using MLA, APA and other formats

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What is AMA Style?

AMA Style is the citation and research paper format of the American Medical Association. 

It is often used in medical, health, or biological sciences publishing.

 A copy of the AMA Manual of Style is available at both the Downtown and Parham Road Campus libraries.


AMA style guides

In Text Citation

  • Whenever you first cite a reference within the text, use the appropriate consecutive Arabic numeral superscript. Once a citation has been assigned an Arabic numeral, it keeps the same numeral whenever it appears in text again. Place the superscript outside of periods and commas but inside semicolons and colons, for example: As noted previously,2,5-7,15 AND The derived data were as follows4,5:
  • Place the superscript immediately after a clinical author’s surname, for example: Smith7 reported on the survey; Smith and Jones8 reported on the survey; Smith et al9 reported on the survey.
  • Do not place the superscript after a number or unit of measure. Instead, place the superscript immediately after a corresponding word or phrase within the sentence containing the number or measurement, for example: The smallest lesion found in the second study10 was 1 cm.