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eBooks @ Reynolds Libraries

Discover how to find, access, and use eBooks available at Reynolds Libraries

eBooks @ OverDrive Audio

OverDrive Audio provides digital Audiobooks, which can be downloaded to your computer or your mobile device.

Learn how to

  1. Navigate to OverDrive 
  2. Find a title in OverDrive
  3. Use a title in OverDrive

Find and use OverDrive Audiobooks

Navigate to Overdrive Audio

1. On the library home page click on the "Databases" Link

2. Select the "O" link, and then OverDrive from the alphabetical list. If needed, login with your MyReynolds login.


Find and borrow a title on OverDrive Audio

1. OverDrive Audio opens.

2. Borrow a title. You can do this either by selecting Borrow under the jacket (shown below) or by clicking or tapping the jacket to go to the title's details page (where you can see extra details and options for the title before you borrow it). If prompted, login with your MyReynolds login.


3. To see all your options for borrowed titles, select books icon to go to your Loans page. From there, you can download most titles or open them right in your web browser.


For additional OverDrive Audiobook support, visit the OverDrive Audiobook support page.