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SDV-100: Career Exploration Assignment

1. Assignment instructions

Completing this assignment counts for 10% of your grade for this SDV-100 course.

  1. Review both video tutorial clips on pages 3a and 3b of this guide. 
  2. Go to the MasterFILE Premier database and find an article on a specific career that interests you. Limit your search to full-text articles published within the last few years. Select and carefully read one article. Using the MasterFILE Premier citation tool, copy and paste the MLA citation into a MS Word document
  3. Go to the Films on Demand database and search for a video on a specific career that interests you. Select and carefully watch and listen one video. Using the Films on Demand citation tool, copy and paste the MLA citation into the same MS Word document.
  4. Write an annotation for both the article and video you selected in the same MS Word document
  5. Save your annotated bibliography and submit it via Canvas or in class (as specified by your SDV-100 instructor).

Annotated bibliography instructions:

  • Include two annotations in your annotated bibliography:
    • One annotation will be for the article you selected and read from the MasterFILE Premier database
    • One annotation will be for the video you selected and watched from the Films on Demand database
    • The article and video you select can address any aspect of a specific career you are interested in.
  • Each annotation should be between 150-250 words and address the following:
    • What is the main focus/purpose of the article or video? What type of audience was the work written or produced for?
    • Discuss some new or surprising things you learned about a specific career. How did the article or video enlighten you on any aspect related to a specific career?
    • Does the article or video address both positive and negative aspects related to a specific career? Is there any bias? Is the source reliable? What are the qualifications of the author or interviewee?
    • How helpful was this source in your career exploration? How does the article or video compare to other resources you have reviewed on a specific career? Would you recommend this article or video to others interested in a specific career?

For more help on writing an annotated bibliography, review the Annotated bibliography page of this guide. 

Student Learning Outcomes

After completing this assignment, you will be able to:

  1. Identify keywords to use in a search
  2. Perform a search in the MasterFILE Premier database using at least one search technique and limiter option
  3. Perform a search in the Films on Demand database using at least one search technique
  4. Generate a citation using both the MasterFILE Premier and Films on Demand citation tools
  5. Summarize and evaluate two sources for your annotated bibliography