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Open Educational Resources (OER): Dive Deep

Attributing Openly Licensed Content

A good rule of thumb is to recall the acronym TAL, which stands for Title, Author, and License.

  • Title and Source – What is the name of the material? Please provide the title of the work you are adopting. Be sure to hyperlink the title to the original sources. If a hyperlink is not available, describe where you got the work.
  • Author – Who owns the material? Please name the author or authors of the material in question. Sometimes, the licensor may want you to give credit to some other entity, like a company or pseudonym. In those cases, please just do what they request. Also, if the author has a webpage, please link to the author’s page.
  • License – How can I use it? Please provide the exact name of the Creative Commons license under which the work was released, and hyperlink the license name to the license deed page. You can use the acronyms instead of full name of the license. (“How to Attribute a Creative Commons Licensed Work?”, n.d.)


Come In We're Open Sign in a Window

"The Mountains Are Open This link opens in a new window" by Alan Levine This link opens in a new window is licensed under CC BY 2.0 This link opens in a new window.

Title and Source: "The Mountains Are Open" (linked to image on Flickr)
Author: Alan Levine (linked to profile page)
License: CC BY 2.0 (linked to license deed)



“How to Attribute a Creative Commons Licensed Work?” Attributing OER, Open Education Consortium,

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