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Documentary Photography

Presents print resources, websites, article databases, and citation information on documentary photography about global cultures. An emphasis tab on global food issues is included.

Cite photos in MLA style

MLA provides limited information about citing images. Below are some examples on citing photographs. For more help, ask a librarian for assistance.

Photos on the open Web

Format Photograph - Photographer unknown

Title or Description of PhotographPhotograph date (if known). Photograph. Website Name. 

Web site publisher. Web. Date of access.  

Example - Photograph - Photographer unknown

Still of Shailene Woodley and Theo James in Divergent. 2014. Photograph.

Summit Entertainment. Web. 2014 August 30.

Format - Photograph - Photographer known

Photographer's Last Name, First Name. Title or Description of PhotographPhotograph date (if known).

Photograph. Website Name. Website Publisher. Web. Date of access.  

Example - Photograph - Photographer known

Marden, Luis. Villagers Return from Market with a Pig. N.dPhotograph. National Geographic Society. Web. 15 Dec. 2010.

Photos from a library database

Format - Reproduced Work of Art

Last Name, First Name (Image creator, if available). Title of Image (Photograph - use quotation marks

instead of italics). Work date (if available). Image format (Photograph). Name of individual or

institution which owns image (if available), Institution, Location. Library Database. Web.

Date retrieved.

Example - Photograph

Andrews, Peter. "Ethiopian Women Walk to Fetch Water." 8 Apr. 2000. Photograph. Reuters Pictures. 

Factiva. Web. 13 Dec. 2010.

Example - Photograph- No Title

In the example below, there is no image title, so a descriptive title including image format is given, with no italics.

Muybridge, Eadweard. Photograph of a horse running. 1887. National Gallery, London. 

Grove Art Online. Web. 2 Nov. 2009.

Photos from a print source

Format - Photograph

Last Name, First Name. (Image creator, if known.) Title of Work. Work Date (if unknown, write N.d.). 

Image format. Name of individual or institution which owns image (if known), institution location. 

Book Title. By Author name. City, State: Publisher, Date. Page, figure, or plate number. Print.

Example - Photograph

Dirven, Tim. ARMENIA: High Hopes for the Future. N.d. Photograph. One People Many Journeys. N.d.

Costanzo, Adrienne and Jodie Martire, Eds. Lonely Planet Publications, 156. Print.