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A guide on general resources for literature.

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Selected eBooks on Literature

Selected Books on Literature

Reference Materials on Literature

These books may help you with definitions and terms, and general information on literature. Note: these books are library use only.


This is a small sample of subject keywords to use in your search for materials.

American Literature, African American Authors, Poetry, Sanskrit Literature, Iranian Literature, Short Stories, Fiction, Prose Poems, Epic Poetry, Drama - history and criticism, Drama - collections, Novels, English Literature, Chinese Literature, Hispanic American Authors, Psychological Fiction, Literature - history and criticism

Call Numbers

One way to find books is to browse the stacks. You can do that physically or virtually by looking through the online catalog. Click on the letters below and you will go to that section in our online catalog.

PJ   Oriental Languages and Literature (includes Egypt and the Ancient Near East)

PK   Indo-Iranian Languages and Literature

PL   Eastern Asia, Africa, and Oceania Languages and Literature (includes Turkey and the Ottoman Empire)

PM   Hyperborean, Native American, and Artificial Languages (includes Inuit, Gullah, and Klingon)

PN   General Literature

PQ   French, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese Literature

PR   English Literature

PS   American Literature

PT   German and Scandinavian Literature (includes Grimms' Fairy Tales and Old Norse sagas)

PZ   Juvenile Literature



If we don't have a book at JSR, you can search WorldCat to find books in area libraries:

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