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Finding Great Topic Ideas for Your Paper or Project!

Too Big....

Listen to a great example of using the questions Who?, What?, Where?, Which?, Why?, When?, and How? to help you easily narrow down a topic that is big enough to write a book (or two!)...when you only need to write 5 - 10 pages :)

Too Small....

Not finding enough?  Or anything at all?  Maybe it's time to change up your strategy.  Here is some great advice from a reference librarian on how to move toward a topic that doesn't drown you in information...and, also, doesn't leave you hanging out to dry :)

Just Right!

How do I know when my topic is just right for my assignment?

Ask yourself a couple of questions:

  • Have I found enough information on my topic for the length of my assignment?
  • Do I have what I need to create a project that both keeps me interested and meets the instructor's requirements for sources?

Can't decide if you are there yet? Ask! Librarians and instructors are here to help. Click here for some great suggestions from the librarians at Virginia Tech.