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ENG-111: Evaluating a Consumer Product or Film

This guide will show you how to use library resources to find movie (film) and consumer product reviews.

Selected Books on Consumers and Consumption

Selected Books on American Cars and Films

Selected Books on Social Media and Technology

Search by selected subject keywords in the library catalog

In the library catalog, click on Basic Search, then choose a Subject Keywords search and try some of the following search examples:

Consumers and Consumption:

child consumers    consumer behavior united states    consumption (economic) united states

Product evaluation - Search by specific product:

cellular telephones     digital media     online social networks     facebook     twitter

automobiles     automobiles design and construction      automobiles audio equipment

Film evaluation:

cinematography  (Technical aspects of making motion pictures.)

films  (Includes title records for films, popular and media collection, and streaming video, at Reynolds libraries.)

horror films

motion pictures  (Information on motion pictures as an art form, plots, etc.)

motion pictures reviews      motion pictures appreciation

To see if Reynolds libraries own a film, go to Advanced Search and choose a Title begins with search, then type the film title.