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Student Expo 2016

Digital repository for Library Expo 2016 Projects



Downtown: 804.523.5211
Parham: 804.523.5220
Goochland: 804.523.5419

Andrew Vaden - Sleep and Immune Function

Armine Kostanyan - Diaper Dermatitis

Ashley Vaughan - New Graduate Nurse Retention

Brandi Clark - Educating Patients with a Cancer Diagnosis

Courtney Schwabeland - Stethoscope or Staphoscope

Erica Fleanor - Enhancing Care with the Use of Essential Oils

Gabrielle Ellis - Thermoregulation for Adult Trauma Patients

Gloria Pignatore - Quiet Time on Nursing Units

Jeff Sayles - Managing Nausea and Vomiting

Jennifer Cecil - Bed Bath vs. Wipes

Jennifer Hinkey - Anxiety, Music Therapy and Dementia

Josh Worley - Beatin' the Burnouts

Kayellen Hall - Chewing Sugar-free Gum

Kimberly Spencer - Medication Errors

Marissa Porcelli - Tricks and Sticks

Marlique Francis - Evidence-Based Bathing Practice

Mary Alice Arieux - Rooming In

Megan Wacker - Music Therapy for Autism Spectrum Disorder

Natalie Petrizza - Haute Hospital

Ruth Bentil - Nature-Based Sound Therapy

Zaneisha Bowser - Music Therapy and Grief Counseling