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Artificial Intelligence

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Find articles -- EBSCOhost Databases

The EBSCO databases should always be the first place when doing research on this subject.  Try combinations of these search terms:

  • "artificial intelligence" AND "human-computer interaction" 
  • "computer hacking" AND cyberterrorism 
  • "cyberspace operations" 
  • "human body & technology" 
  • "interpersonal communication" AND ("social networks" OR "social media") 
  • gender AND (differences OR inequality OR roles) and (computer OR technology) 

Make sure to limit your results to the last five years. Artificial intelligence is a rapidly changing field, and any articles older than that will contain outdated information.

Try the following databases: Academic Search Complete, Computer & Applied Sciences Complete and MasterFILE Premier. 

Other Databases

Viewpoint databases

Are you researching the pros and cons of artificial intelligence?  Try searching these databases below.  CQ Researcher, especially, has some great overviews on the topic with background information, data, and a pro-con page.