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SDV-100 & 101: Career Exploration Assignment

Cite sources

When you quote or paraphrase the idea of another person in your research paper or speech, you must cite the sources you use to:

  • Give credit to the author or creator.
  • Enable a reader to locate the sources you cited.
  • Demonstrate the accuracy and reliability of your information.
  • Show the amount of research you’ve done.
  • Strengthen your work by lending outside support to your ideas.

If you use ideas of others and present them as your own without citing these references, you are committing plagiarism, which is subject to disciplinary actions ranging from warnings and a failing grade to being expelled from the college. (See the Reynolds Student Handbook, Policy No. 1-34: Academic Honesty, starting on page 119)

Automatic citation generators are available via many of the library databases.

Below are some links to free citation generators. Please keep in mind that -

citation generators are NOT foolproof!

It is strongly recommend that you check your citations generated by these tools by reviewing the online APA or MLA style guides, our print citation style handbooks/manuals kept at the Reynolds Libraries reference desk at any campus, or ask a Reynolds Librarian for help.

Citation generators for APA & MLA are also available via the library catalog and many library databases.  Ask a Reynolds librarian about specific databases that provide a citation generator. When you select a book or article you are interested in, use the citation tool to automatically generate a citation in APA or MLA  format.

Reynolds Libraries Citation Style MLA and APA guides include:

  • examples for citing a wide variety of resources
  • in-text citation examples
  • Links to printable handouts
  • Links to other helpful citation guides

The most recent copies of the MLA Handbook and the  APA Publication Manual are kept at the Reference Desk of each campus library and are available for your use within the library.


Always check with your instructor on what format specifications to use for a particular class or assignment, especially when citing electronic resources including material found in library databases.

The automatic citation generators noted on this page are NOT FOOLPROOF.  These tools will save you time, but you should always double-check by:

  • reviewing the examples given on the Reynolds Library Citation Style: MLA and APA 
    online guides
  • consulting with a Reynolds Librarian
  • consulting with your instructor