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ENG 241 Open Anthology



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Course Outcomes

a. Describe, analyze, and interpret themes and features of literary texts from a variety of genres, using appropriate literary terminology

b. Demonstrate knowledge of the literary movements covered in the survey, including literary techniques, innovations, major writers, and major texts

c. Explain the relationship between literature and the historical and cultural contexts in which it is produced, with particular attention to the shaping of cultural identities as reflected in the literature

d. Produce at least 12 pages (a minimum of 3000 words) of formal writing, including academic essays and essay examinations, and at least 12 pages (a minimum of 3000 words) of informal writing, including reading responses or journal entries; academic writing about literature should include clear argumentation and organization, valid textual evidence for support, and correct documentation

e. Participate in interactive discussions, peer reviews, and/or one or more formal individual and/or group multi-modal presentation

f. Locate and evaluate information retrieved from electronic sources, such as academic databases and web resources

g. Use available electronic technologies for creating and submitting texts

h. Recognize literary study as a means for intellectual, aesthetic, and personal growth and for engaging meaningful and enduring questions across human cultures.