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ENG-112: Researching Cultural Issues in Film

Internet Movie Database

If you are not sure of the director's, screenwriter's or actors' names, try the Internet Movie Database web siteYou will also find a summary of the movie along with other movie credits on the IMDB web site.

DVDs to Checkout

Click on the link below to view a list of movie titles that are part of the Parham Campus Library's popular DVD collection. DVDs are arranged in alphabetical order by movie title on the DVD rotating storage stands on the main floor of the library.

Important Notes:

  • This is not a complete or extensive list.
  • Each movie title link listed will take you to the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) information page for that particular movie.

Tips for searching the library catalog for movies:

  • Go to Reynolds Library Catalog
  • Click Advance Search
  • Type in the movie title.
    • Under Material Type Audio Visual (dropdown menu)
    • Click Enter