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Foreign Language and Literature

This guide provides library resources on both foreign languages and literatures, in print and electronic forms. Focus is on languages taught at JSRCC, e.g., French, Spanish, German, and Arabic.

Selected language books from our print & online collections

How to search for books

  • Type in your search terms (e.g., spanish language).
  • The catalog will retrieve resources in a variety of formats including books, articles, and videos. If you only want to view books, click on Books from the Resource Type menu on the left.

  • If you only want to view eBooks, click on Available Online from the Availability menu on the left.

  • Click on the title to view the book.
  • If you are accessing eBooks from off-campus, you will be prompted to login with your My Reynolds username and password first.

Search the Reynolds Libraries Catalog


eBook Collections

Oxford Reference includes access to a variety of bilingual dictionaries.

Browse books by call number

Books are arranged on the shelves using the Library of Congress (LC) classification system.  

You can browse the shelves to find books on the following languages.

  • PA258- PA1139 - Greek language                                                               
  • PA2087.5- ​PA2365 - Latin language
  • PC1112-PC1640 - Italian language                                                               
  • PC2112-PC3741 - French language                                                   
  • PC4105-PC4640 - Spanish language                                                             
  • PF3111-PF5999 - German language                                                            
  • PG2051-PG2640 - Russian language                                                
  • PJ6106-PJ6640 - Arabic language                                               
  • PL553-PL679 - Japanese language                                              
  • PL937 - Korean language
  • PL1125-PL1455 - Chinese language
  • PL4156-PL4378 - Vietnamese language
  • PL8005-PL8703 - African language

You can also browse the shelves to find books on various works of literature (in English translation). 

  • PA3001-PA5610 - Greek Literature
  • PA6003-PA8511 - Latin and Roman literature
  • PG2940-PG3490 - Russian literature
  • PL723-PL882 - Japanese literature
  • PL2253-PL3277 - Chinese literature
  • PL8010-PL8701 - African literature  
  • PQ41-PQ3989 - French literature
  • PQ4037-PQ4872 - Italian literature
  • PQ6006-PQ9698 - Spanish literature (includes Latin American)
  • PQ3979.2 - Arabic literature
  • PT41-PT2668 - German literature