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ITE-115: Finding Raw Data

Assignment for Professor Bob Dust's ITE-115 classes

Reference Librarian


Downtown: 804.523.5211
Parham: 804.523.5220
Goochland: 804.523.5419

Google search tips

In the Google search box, enter:

  • keywords that describe your topic
  • statistics OR data (make sure the Boolean Operator "OR" is in upper case

You can also limit your search by entering a specific type of site. For example, if you enter site:org in the Google search box, Google will find only sites with .org in the URL.

From your Google search results screen, you can limit your search further by selecting Past Year or Custom range. For example, if you select Current Year from the Tools > Any time drop down menu, Google will find only those webpages published or updated within the last year.