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ENG-111: Researching Qualities of a Superhero

Annotated bibliography requirements

  • Find and annotate a minimum of four sources which you intend to evaluate and use not only for your annotated bibliography but also for your upcoming synthesis essay.
    • You may use the source you used for your previous summary essay.
    • You should also use at least one source each from your List 1 and List 2 assigned readings.
    • You should find at least one source through a library database.
    • No more than two of your sources should be websites you found through Google.
    • All the sources you use should be credible.
  • Each of the sources you use should be cited in MLA style.
  • Each annotation should include:
    • Brief summary of the source’s main idea and speak to the main supporting points.
    • Following your summary, you should write about how useful this resource will be to your synthesis essay and the development of your thesis statement.
    • Conclude your annotation by providing a description of the source and where you found it, such as through Google or a library database. You should also include your reasons why you think this source is credible using evaluation criteria such as the author’s credentials, the accuracy of the information provided and the purpose behind the author writing this article.