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Library Terminology


Full-text: "A complete electronic copy of a resource, usually an article, viewed on a computer display screen. The term "full-text" is often used to refer to the electronic version of an article or book that is also published in print." To find out if we have a specific journal, magazine or newspaper title available in full-text, use our Journal Finder tool.


Hardware: "The physical and electronic components of a computer system, such as the monitor, keyboard and mouse. Hardware works in conjunction with software."

Hold: "A request that a library book or DVD checked out to another person be saved for the requestor when it is returned - or -  for an item to be delivered and picked up at a library location convenient to the user. “Holds” can generally be placed on regularly circulating books and DVDs. To place a hold on a book or DVD at Reynolds Library, inquire in-person at the Circulation or Reference Desks or call the Circulation Desk at any campus library. You can also use the library catalog to place a hold by logging in with your My Reynolds username and password and selecting Request this item for the book or DVD you are interested in holding. 

Holdings: "The materials owned by a library."

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language): "The computer language used to create documents on the World Wide Web so that they are readable by Web browsers."

Hyperlink: "An image or a portion of text which a Web user can click to jump to another document or page on the Web. Textual hyperlinks are often underlined and appear as a different color than the majority of the text on a Web page."


Icon: "A small symbol on a computer screen that represents a computer operation or data file."

Index: "1. A list of names or topics—usually found at the end of a publication—that directs you to the pages where those names or topics are discussed within the publication. 2. A printed or electronic publication that provides references to periodical articles or books by their subject, author, or other search terms."

Instant Messaging (IM): "An Internet-based service allowing real-time, text communication between two or more users. Instant messaging is also known as chat, especially when more than two people are communicating."

Interlibrary Loan (ILL): "A service that allows you to borrow materials from other libraries through your own library." Use Reynolds Library Interlibrary Loan Request form to submit an ILL request.

Internet: "A worldwide network of computer networks that allows for the transmission and exchange of files. The World Wide Web is part of the Internet."


Journal: "A publication, issued on a regular basis, which contains scholarly research published as articles, papers, research reports, or technical reports. To find out if we have a specific journal title available in full-text, use our Journal Finder tool. See also: Periodical

Journal title: "The name of a journal. Journal title is one common search term."


Keyword: "A significant or memorable word or term in the title, abstract, or text of an information resource that indicates its subject and is often used as a search term."