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Zoom Tutorials

Green screen / Virtual background tips

  • Use a small movable inexpensive clothing rack or any other tall structures green screen with a dark colored sheet.
  • Use safety pins to tightly pull and keep the sheet on. Various tapes or other adhesive mediums could work but may damage the sheet.
  • Green screens are useful for messy rooms or if you share a room with someone and want to block their movements.

Lighting tips

  • Central ceiling lighting is not ideal lighting for Zoom meetings..
  • High lighting is okay but also want to place lighting in front of you.
  • Move your desk slightly away from the wall .
  • Place a standing lamp in front of you or use a desk lamp, even in the daytime, to brighten your face.
  • Don't let the front lighting blind you. A tall standing lamp or high lighting facing  down works best.
  • Windows in bright daylight are great, but remember the sun moves throughout the day.