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Research Help for PLS-135 & 136

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Below are several video tutorials that can help you as you search for & evaluate sources for Political Science classes. Also included are video transcripts, handouts and worksheets. We are happy to help you individually as well! See the Get Extra Help section, for our contact info!

Lynn Riggs, MSLS, Reference & Information Literacy Librarian, Reynolds Community College

Denise Woetzel, MLIS, Reference & Information Literacy Librarian, Reynolds Community College

Library Databases vs. the Open Web: What are the Differences?

Learn about the various differences between using the Reynolds Libraries databases versus using Google including:

  • most common types of resources found by using either source
  • when it is best to use either source
  • credibility issues
  • cost and access issues
  • and options for searching for and saving resources

Scholarly vs. Popular Articles: What are the Differences?

Learn how to distinguish between a scholarly journal article and a popular magazine article by evaluating various characteristics related to: authorship, content, audience, cited references, publisher, images used, length of the article, publication cycle and advertisements.

Selecting & Using Keywords in Your Research

Learn about the basic steps to follow when determining what keywords to use when searching for resources in the library databases. 

Finding Articles in Databases

Learn about the basic steps for:

  • accessing databases from the library’s website
  • searching for articles in the database and limiting search results
  • viewing a full-text article in the database
  • and emailing the article and MLA citation to yourself

Evaluating Sources: Using the 5 W’s

Learn why it is important to evaluate resources as well as how to use the 5 W’s criteria in your evaluation process. The 5 W’s criteria include Who, What, Where, When and Why questions to ask when deciding whether to use a resource for a college level research assignment.

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