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HIS 121 & HIS 122: United States History

This guide presents resources for the study of United States History, from the “pre-history” of native North American Indians to the period of exploration and discovery in the late fifteenth century, through the present.

Selected print books from the library's collections

Below is a sampling of print books from the library's collections on United States history topics:

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Reynolds Library uses Library of Congress call numbers to organize books by subject area. United States History can be found in sections D, E and F.

The subdivisions are as follows:

  • E58-E99 - Indians of North America
  • E101-E179 - North America discovery and exploration
  • E158-E162 - U.S. History Colonial Period 
  • E179-E382 - Territorial expansion
  • E179.5 - Manifest Destiny
  • E185-E185.9 - Civil rights movement
  • E208 - U.S. Revolutionary War 
  • E441-450 - Slavery United States History
  • E458-E656 - U.S. Civil War
  • E668 - Reconstruction
  • E743 - Progressive era
  • D521-D723 - World war 1914-1918
  • D743-D811 - World war 1939-1945
  • D843; E743-E895 - Cold war
  • DS79.76 - Iraq war
  • DS557-DS559 - Vietnam war
  • E895; HV6432 - War on terrorism 
  • F1-F975 - United States local history
  • HB3717 - Great depression 1929
  • HC105 - Industrial era
  • KF4510-KF4541 - Federalism & Constitution

If you are looking for history pre-Colonial period, try section C, which contains History (Archaeology and Geneology).


If we don't have a book at Reynolds, you can search WorldCat to find books in area libraries: