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About the NYT inEducation

inEducation is The New York Times’s curricular tool, designed to help university professors and students connect what’s happening in the news with their studies. Across 16 disciplines of study, leading professors contribute weekly posts featuring a piece of journalism and prompts for discussion, exploration, and analysis. These prompts can be used by professors in their lesson planning to help bring current events into the classroom or can be shared with students to spark conversation and debate.

Note: inEducation is located on its own website at, separate from Students and faculty can simply register and login with their school email address (must end in .edu). If you've already created a free account to, you are welcome to use the same password or create a different one. If you are looking to register for a free New York Times subscription on as faculty, student, or staff, please follow the steps outlined here



● 16 disciplines

● Weekly updates by faculty contributors

● Questions for discussion and analysis

● General instructional strategies

● Leadership focus