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Plagiarism Guide for Faculty

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Suggestions on how to avoid plagiarism

  1. Include a statement about plagiarism in your syllabus.  Make it clear that you’ll check for plagiarism and enforce the College’s academic honesty policy.

  2. Teach students how NOT to plagiarize.  You can schedule a library instruction session for your students and specify that we cover how to avoid plagiarism. Check out our Avoiding Plagiarism resource page from our Guide to Research at Reynolds Libraries. It provides examples of acceptable or unacceptable paraphrasing and the strategies to avoid plagiarism.

  3. Teach students how to cite and make it a requirement that a works cited list be attached to their  papers. Check out our Citing Sources resource page from our Guide to Research at Reynolds Libraries. Also check out our Citation examples page for MLA, APA, and Chicago.

  4. Require specific components, such as theories, interviews, recent sources, etc. which will make it  difficult to find a “perfect” article to plagiarize.

  5. Assign a string of research opportunities, such as outlines, research proposals, oral reports, shorter papers, etc., so that the students get more practice on planning, research and revision.

  6. Use an online detection tool.  SafeAssign is available through Canvas.