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Researching Different Cultures

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Database search tips

1. In the 1st search box, enter the name of the country and the name of the cultural group connected by OR

Example: china or chinese

  Instead of an "or" sometimes you might want to use an asterisk (*) which will find more word endings.

Example: Mexic* will find Mexican, Mexicans, or Mexico

2. In the 2nd search box, enter the search terms that describe the specific custom. Connect similar terms using OR 

Example: "child rearing" or parenting

You can narrow your results by:

  • enclosing search terms that contain more than one word within quotations to find the exact phrase (e.g., "child rearing")
  • selecting SU Subject Terms from the Select a Field menu. The database will retrieve only those articles where the search terms you entered are found as subject terms. This means the articles retrieved will be more relevant or focused on the search terms you entered.
  • checkmarking the boxes next to Full-Text and Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals from the Limit the results section.
  • entering a publication date range from the Limit the results section.


Sample screenshots:

Subject Terms: "clothing & dress" or fashion or saris

Subject terms: "heads of households" or "family roles"


More information on online search strategies

For more information on constructing online search strategies, click here.