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ENG 112 OER Repository

What does an OER designation mean for a course?

It means that:

  1. This course does not require the student to purchase a textbook
  2. This course provides course materials available through Canvas
  3. This course includes course materials in one or more of the following areas:
  1. original materials created by the instructor with an open license
  2. material from open textbooks
  3. materials in the public domain
  4. online materials published under an open license
  5. materials available through the college library (e-books, videos, database articles)
  6. links to legal copies of copyrighted materials

A Note to Faculty

This repository is designed to provide faculty with high quality, vetted materials for their OER sections, while at the same time respecting academic freedom and faculty creativity in designing individual courses. This repository has been co-created by OER course developers and program heads and/or faculty who teach this course. All OER repositories are formatted according to a streamlined design made up of six links to your left.  Each OER repository includes:

  1. Welcome to OER, which faculty may use to introduce OER to the students in their section.  It is important that students learn the OER lexicon so that they can seek out OER sections and understand what it means to be registered in such a class.
  2. Course Outcomes, which includes the course outcomes specified for this course.
  3. Course Information, which includes descriptions and prerequisites for this course, as well as generic information that may be of use to faculty.
  4. Course Materials, which includes the content for the course; depending on the course, this may take the form of a specific open textbook or repository of materials from which faculty will chose.
  5. Instructor Resources, which includes three folders of materials: OER Resources, Teaching Resources, and Course Specific Resources
  6. Contact information for the OER faculty coordinator, who may be reached for help and questions.

All faculty who teach an OER section must complete training (OER 103: OER in Reynolds Courses), which focuses on the following:

  1. An overview of OER and the OER Initiative at the college
  2. A description of open licenses and instructions for applying them to original work by faculty
  3. Instruction in using and embedding material from the college library
  4. Instruction for linking to legally copyrighted materials
  5. Instruction for copying and customizing this template in each faculty member's section(s)