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Fairy Tales

Fairy Tales by the Brothers Grimm. Pub. New York, G. H. McKibbin, 1899.

Greenwood Encyclopedia of Folktales and Fairytales eBook

Keywords to search

Enter your fairy tale title AND keywords related to specific lessons, morals or themes in the fairy tale (see list of examples below).

You may also narrow your search by entering the author's last name.

Search example:

"little red riding hood" OR "le petit chaperon rouge" OR "grandmother's tale" OR "conte de la mère-grand" OR "little red cap"


perrault OR delarue OR grimm


Sample Keywords:

  • child development
  • coming of age
  • anxiety
  • death
  • deception
  • disobedience
  • father
  • fear
  • filicide
  • greed
  • good & evil
  • hero
  • heroine
  • isolation
  • loneliness
  • maturity
  • morality
  • mother
  • murder
  • obedience
  • puberty
  • responsibility
  • sexuality
  • sibling rivarly
  • stealing
  • stepmother