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Librarian / Instructor Collaboration

Embed a librarian in your Canvas course sections

Some ways librarians can be embedded in Canvas:

  • Assist students with finding, citing and evaluating resources for their research assignments via Zoom, email, and/or a research discussion forum
  • Schedule one-on-one research consultations with students
  • Collaborate with faculty on developing and facilitating library instruction sessions tailored towards specific research assignments
  • Collaborate with faculty on developing research guides tailored to specific research assignments

Request for Embedded Librarian and/or Tutor form.

Embed a research module in your Canvas course sections

Collaborate with librarians to develop research modules tailored to specific information literacy skills and research assignments. Modules include videos created by librarians - see sample video below.. Click here to view other videos we created.

Library Databases vs. the Open Web: What are the Differences?

Learn about the various differences between using the Reynolds Libraries databases versus using Google including:

  • most common types of resources found by using either source
  • when it is best to use either source
  • credibility issues
  • cost and access issues
  • and options for searching for and saving resources

Links to transcript, handout and worksheet: