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College Composition Collaboration Online

Selecting Resources for Distance Learning Students

CCCO Overview

Dear class,

Welcome to College Composition Collaboration Online. This library guide features an embedded librarian working alongside students who are learning to think like researchers.

Each unit in this guide contains the following:

  • Unit Overview - Indicates what you will do for each unit
  • Preparation Activities - Activities to be completed before the guided activities
  • Guided Activities - Activities developed by the embedded librarian
  • Application Activities - Activities designed to reinforce and apply learning

After completing the activities in this CCCO libguide, students will be able to:

  • Analyze different types of sources (web, popular, scholarly) using specific criteria to determine their appropriateness for research.
  • Use college databases to find reliable sources.
  • Create a Works Cited or References list.
  • Recognize that research involves joining an ongoing conversation.

You can reach our embedded librarian, Lynn Riggs, using the links and information to the left. I hope you will reach out to a Reynolds librarian whenever you need to!