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Selecting Resources for Distance Learning Students

Unit Overview

During this unit, you will:

  1. Watch a video and take a quiz.
  2. See how to use the Articles - Evaluate Your Source checklist to evaluate articles.
  3. Apply your knowledge by finding and evaluating relevant articles for your research project and share your findings with your peers.

Prep Activities

1. Watch and take notes on the video below.


2. After reviewing the video above, take the Unit 3 Quiz.

Guided Activities

Application Activities

To apply what you have learned in this unit, use the library databases to find two to three authoritative articles (both peer-reviewed and popular) that will help you to answer your research question (and/or sub questions). 

Then, evaluate the sources using the Articles - Evaluate Your Source checklist posted under Guided Activities above. Be sure to complete one checklist per source. You will upload these documents later to Canvas, so keep track of where you put them. :) 


Reminder: Use this assignment to make progress on your research essay.
Look for sources that will help you to answer your research question, or one of your subquestions. 


If you need help finding sources, contact a librarian using the information to the left of this page.
Let the librarian know the question you are trying to answer.

***If you think your question might need to change, contact me using the Canvas Inbox.***


By the date indicated in the Schedule of Assignments, post the following to the Unit 3 forum:

  1. A short greeting along with the research question you are trying to answer.
  2. A summary of the main ideas associated with one (1) of the articles you found. Remember: A summary will be the main ideas in your own words. Study this video to see what a good summary looks like. Why do this? Knowing how to summarize well will help you with your research essay.
  3. Your evaluation of the article you summarized based on the criteria you learned about when you completed the Articles - Evaluate Your Sources checklist.
  4. Your thoughts about the article as it relates to the rhetorical devices you have learned about. Who is the audience of the text? How does the author use rhetorical appeals (logos, ethos, pathos) to persuade his or her audience?
  5. A description of how you will use the source. As before, be specific.

IMPORTANT: The information you write for the above bullet items should be posted as a reply to the forum and should not be an attachment. Having said that, do be sure to attach the files you created above when you evaluated the sources you found for this unit.

If you have questions about this assignment, please post them to the Q&A forum.

A NOTE ON TAKING NOTES: At this point, you should be taking notes on and thinking about all of the sources you will use in your research paper. Thinking about your sources objectively involves using the Elements of Thought you have been learning about. Use the document below that best serves your needs. You do not need to post this document to the forum. This is just a heads up that note taking is a part of research writing. Taking quality notes will help the essay come together later! :)