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Selecting Resources for Distance Learning Students

Unit Overview

During this unit, you will:

  1. Watch a video and take a quiz.
  2. See how to use the Books - Evaluate Your Source checklist to evaluate book sources.
  3. Apply your knowledge by finding and evaluating a relevant book source for your research project and share your findings with your peers.

Prep Activities

1. Watch and take notes on this video.


2. Take the Unit 2 quiz located in Canvas.

Guided Activities

Many thanks to Reynolds librarian Loftan Miller for creating this great video for the guided activity!

Application Activities

To apply what you have learned in this unit:

  1. Search the Reynolds library for a print- or e-book source that will help you with your research project and evaluate it using the Books - Evaluate Your Source checklist. You will upload this document later to Canvas, so keep track of where you put it.
    NOTE: If you have trouble locating a book source, please contact a librarian using the information to the left of this page.
  2. Use the document posted below to critically think about the source's content using the Elements of Reasoning you've learned about. You will upload this document later to Canvas, so keep track of where you put it.
    NOTE: If only a chapter or a few sections of the book are relevant to your research project, it's okay to focus your analysis on only those chapters or relevant parts.
  3. By the date indicated in the Schedule of Assignments, post the following to the Unit 2 forum:
  • The research question you are trying to answer.
  • A summary of your evaluation of your book source. In your post, be clear about whether you will use the source and why you came to that conclusion based on the checklist you completed.
  • An indication of how you might use the book source. Again be specific. What claims will it help you to make? What evidence does it provide for specific claims? Does it offer an opposing view? Does it provide historical context? Review the book well and get specific about what it has to offer your research effort.

IMPORTANT THING ONE: The information you write for Step 3 should be posted as a reply to the forum and should not be an attachment.

IMPORTANT THING TWO: Before you submit your forum assignment, attach all of the documents you completed for Steps 1 and 2.

If you have questions about this assignment, please post them to the Q&A forum in our Canvas course.