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Integrating Library Resources into Canvas

Kanopy Streaming Films

Create a personal Kanopy account to add movies to your Watchlist

Kanopy is a wonderful resource for streaming movies, but it can also be very costly. Each movie costs $120 and Reynolds Libraries is capped at $3,000 per year for Kanopy licensing. Discretional use of this database is essential for the sustainability of this service.

Here is the fee structure of Kanopy:

  • 30 seconds of playing a movie counts as 1 viewing 
  • 4 viewings of a movie trigger the purchase of the movie

If a user clicks on a movie several times, even though he only watched it for 5 minutes, it would trigger a purchase. The usage pattern of our Kanopy subscription shows this happens frequently.

In order to avoid accidental purchases like this, we strongly recommend that faculty, staff and students create their own personal Kanopy account. After you login to your personal Kanopy account, you should add movies to your Watchlist before viewing. This way if you need to finish watching a movie later on or continue watching the same movie on another device, it will only be counted as one viewing if you view the movie from your Watchlist

Off-campus access to Kanopy or any of our library databases still requires you to login with your My Reynolds username and password. After you login with your My Reynolds login, You should also login to your personal Kanopy account so you can access and add movies to your Watchlist.

A Kanopy app  is available for mobile devices. You can find the free app through the Google Play or iTunes stores.

Follow these instructions for creating a personal Kanopy account and adding movies to your Watchlist:

1. From the main Kanopy screen click on the SIGN UP button near the top right side of the screen.

2. When the Sign Up screen appears, enter your first and last name, an email address and a password. Then click on the Sign Up button.

3. Go to your email, open the email by Kanopy, and click on the Verify Email button.

4. To add a movie to your watchlist, click on the  + My List button from the result list or before you watch the movie.

5. To view all the movies in your Watchlist, move your mouse over your name in the top right side of the screen, then click on My Watchlist.

Ask a Reynolds Librarian for help, if you need further assistance.

Linking to a Video

1. Click on the title you are interested in linking from your Canvas course.

2. When the video appears, click on Share located below video clip.


3. When the Share window appears, copy & paste the Share link URL into your Canvas course. You DO NOT need to include the proxy prefix in the Kanopy URL.

Embedding a Video

1. Click on the title you are interested embedding from your Canvas course.

2. When the video appears, click on Share option located below video clip.

3. When the Share window appears, click on the Embed option. When the Embed this video window appears, copy the embed code

4. Go to your Add Page screen in Canvas. Enter a title for the video and click on the Insert/edit media icon.

5. When the Insert/edit media window appears, click on the Embed button, paste the embed code, then click on the OK button. You do not need to include the proxy prefix in the embed code.

6. When the Add Page  screen appears again, click on the Save or Save & Publish button.