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Integrating Library Resources into Canvas

Kanopy Streaming Films

Kanopy License Agreement

Beginning 12/18/2019, the Kanopy video streaming resource now only allows unlimited streaming for the titles that the library has paid an annual license for. The previous model of unlimited streaming for all titles was not financially sustainable. We are hopeful that the new model still allows easy access to the most highly demanded and requested films used by our faculty, staff, and students in support of the course curriculum.

When you access the Kanopy homepage, all the titles you see on this homepage are videos we currently have licensed and are instantly streamable. Simply click on the title you wish to stream and then click on the play button:

In addition, anyone can submit a purchase request for any title that we don’t currently have licensed. Submitting a request does not guarantee that we can purchase the title; however, we will try and honor requests based on the needs of the requester and the current library budget.

Requesting a title is easy. When you encounter a title we currently do not have licensed, fill out the form and click the “Request Access” button:

You will receive a submission confirmation via email. A librarian will follow up with you within 48 hours to update you with the status of your request.

Do not hesitate to Ask Us if you have any questions regarding Kanopy or if you encounter any issues with access and/or streaming. We are happy that we can continue to provide access to this popular and useful resource!

Linking to a Video

1. Click on the licensed video title you are interested in linking from your Canvas course.

2. When the video appears, click on Share located below video clip.


3. When the Share window appears, copy & paste the Share link URL into your Canvas course. 

Embedding a Video

1. Click on the licensed video title you are interested embedding from your Canvas course.

2. When the video appears, click on Share option located below video clip.


3. When the Share window appears, click on the Embed option. When the Embed this video window appears, copy the embed code


4. Go to your Add Page screen in Canvas. Enter a title for the video in the title box. Click on Insert under the title box. When the Insert menu appears, click on Embed.


5. When the Embed Code window appears, copy & paste the embed code in the box then click on the Submit button.


6. When the video appears, scroll down and click on the Save or Save & Publish button near the bottom right of the Add Page screen.

Browser security options and playing embedded videos in Canvas

Google Chrome:

1. Click on Not Secure to the left of the Google Chrome URL address box.


2. When a Your connection to this site is not secure window appears, click on the Site settings option.

3. When the Google Chrome Settings screen appears, scroll all the way down and select Allow from the Insecure Content menu.


4. Go back to the video page in your Canvas course and click on the refresh button. The video should appear and you will be able to play it.

Microsoft Edge:

1. Click on the browser window/shield icon located to the left of the Microsoft Edge URL address box..


2. When a window appears with the message, You're only seeing secure content, click on See all content.


3.  The video should appear and you will be able to play it.

Mozilla Firefox:

1. Click on the lock icon to the left of the Firefox URL address box.


2. When a Connection secure window appears with the message, Firefox has blocked parts of this page that are not secure, click on the right hand arrow.

3. When the next Connection Security window appears, click on the Disable protection for now button.


4. The video should appear and you will be able to play it.