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4 c. Locate full-text articles

Full Text Articles

What does full-text mean?

The full-text of an online article is the complete (entire) article. Databases provide full-text articles in different formats including:

  • HTML only 
  • PDF only 
  • Both HTML and PDF

Do all article databases provide full-text?

No. Article databases differ in the amount of full-text articles they provide:

  • Some databases include full-text for ALL the articles indexed in a database collection.
  • Some databases include full-text for only a PORTION of the articles indexed in a database collection. For articles that are not available in full-text, a citation (reference) and abstract (summary) or citation only is provided.
  • Some databases provide NO full text. These databases provide a citation (reference) and abstract (summary) or citation only for all the articles indexed. 

If I found an article citation in a database and the full-text article is not available in this database, what options do I have for finding the full-text article?

  1. Search the the title of the journal, magazine, or newspaper using our Journal Finder tool to find out if the full-text is available online through any of Reynolds Libraries databases - OR - if it’s available in print at any campus library. Make sure you search for the periodical title (e.g., American Journal of Psychology, Newsweek) and not the article title
  2. If the article you are interested in is not available online via Reynolds Libraries databases or in print at a campus library, you can request a copy of the article by filling out our Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Request form. Our library staff will process your request by finding a library that can email you a link to the full article. It usually takes at least several days before you receive  a link to the full article in your email.