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Online Videos

Academic Video Online Premium, or AVON, has over 70,000 streaming videos on many topics, including Nursing. Some videos go back over 100 years! You can type in your research interest (like nosocomial infection), or you may browse the general collection for ideas. If you choose to browse the collection, you will need to filter results to target your research:

  1. Click on the Filter icon inside the red circle under "Filter Your Results". It looks like a funnel. When you hover over it, a popup will appear: "Open search filters."
  2. Click on the Subject magnifying glass, then type your keyword. For example: nurs will bring up videos related to nurse (nurse-patient, SANE), nurses, and nursing (clinical skills in nursing, nursing homes).
  3. You can scroll through the subjects to find your research interest (like Clinical Skills in Nursing); OR
  4. You can leave it at the shortened form - nurs - while you choose other filters (like Content Type: Instructional Material).
  5. You may also want to limit the Release Date to recent videos, by dragging the slider(s) to a specific year range, like 2015-2021. NOTE: You may need to get it "close" first, like 2010-2021; the slider scale will adjust, making it easier to fine-tune the date range.
  6. You can then go back to the Subject field and click on a topic to bring up a refined list of videos since 2015.
  7. The filtered results will be located under the filters drop-down menu.

Films on Demand includes streaming videos on a wide variety of topics, including Nursing. You can search using a keyword (like catheter), or you can browse the collection:

  1. Choose "Advanced Search."
  2. Scroll down to "Select Filters."
  3. Use the "All Subjects" drop-down menu to select "Nursing."
  4. Scroll down and click the red "Search" button.