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Finding HESI Test Resources


Login into MyReynolds & look for the tile below:

Once inside Brainfuse:

  1.  scroll down to the Academic Tools & click on SkillSurfer
  2.  scroll down again & click on the "+" sign for Nursing School Exams
  3.  look for the "HESI Practice Tests" & click on Practice Tests
  4. check out the practice tests for the 4 sections Reynolds looks for: Grammar, Reading Comprehension, Math, and Anatomy & Physiology


  • NOTE: Although this database requires users to register, it is FREE & can be done from on or off campus. Registration will allow you great benefits like:
    • Simulation, Practice & Learner options - you can even take a timed test or see the answers!
    • Saving your tests / resources 
    • Starting & stopping a test for your convenience

CLICK REGISTER to get started: You can choose your own email & password; we suggest using your My Reynolds (Canvas) email and password (if you have one) to make it easier to remember. 

Once you are registered and signed in, type HESI in the search box. Several tests are available featuring HESI content.

Anatomy Database Exploration

Reynolds Nursing HESI Testing

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