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Alma Training for Reynolds Libraries

Additional Resources

There are several great resources for Alma support. 

Keep in mind that there's a dynamic help built into Alma for each screen that you visit in the application. For any page, click the Help icon on the upper right hand side and select "Help For This Page." The help will explain in detail each component of the page.  You can also search the help by selecting "Browse Online Help." 

The VCCS manages an Alma Implementation libguide that provides a wealth of useful information about the project, in addition to several general training videos and guides on using Alma. 

You may also wish to subscribe to the Alma and Primo Listservs:

For anyone interested, another great resource available is a weekly VCCS real time chat meeting via the tool Slack:

This was formed as a way that the various VCCS college libraries can freely discuss and share ideas on a wide range of topics. This was initially setup specific for the Alma transition, however, there's been a lot of interest in continuing the meeting even after going live with Alma.  Currently, the meeting is scheduled for every Friday from 10am - 12pm.  It's a great opportunity to see what the other libraries are doing and ask questions. The chat is archived on Slack so you can always go back and view the transcription if you aren't available to during the live discussion.