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Alma Training for Reynolds Libraries

Holds Workflow (part 4): Monitoring requests

It is often useful to see a broad overview of all the various requests and transferred items across the three campuses. The "Monitor Requests & Item Processes" tool found under "Fulfillment" allows you to see the current status of such items. 


Notice that you can filter the results with the Facets on the left hand side. 


Here's what the list looks like when it's filtered by "Transit Item":

Notice the detailed information for each item in the list. The first item in example above shows that it is an item that is being sent from PRC (Managed By Library) to DTC and it will be reshelved once it arrives (i.e. owned by DTC). 

In the second item (our "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" example), the Request Type indicates that it's a Hold request. It is being sent from DTC (Managed By Library) to PRC (Pickup Location)