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Alma Training for Reynolds Libraries

Alma Overview: Start Here

The aim of this section is to show you how to login to Alma and provide a general overview of the interface.  Alma is a web based application. My recommendation is to use the Firefox or Chrome browser.
Enter the URL of Alma ( into the browser. Bookmark this link for easier future access. 

Login by entering your MyReynolds username and password. 


The main Alma home page:


You will see your name appear on the main page upon logging into Alma [1].  The first thing you will want to do is confirm that you are logged into the proper library location:  Hover over the location icon and you should see your library location [2]. It's useful to go ahead and click on the icon and check the box "Always show current location."


At the top there are various menus to represent different library modules.  For circulation, nearly all of the tools you will need are under “Fulfillment” [3].

The search box found near the top of the page is a persistent search box, meaning that no matter what screen you’re on when using Alma, you will always have access to this search box [4]. Visit the Searching in Alma page for resources on simple and advanced searching.  


Alma allows for personal customizations. If there are certain tools that you use a lot, you can hover of those items and ‘star’ them to add to your Quicklinks.


These will now show under your quick links:


Another customization option is to add ‘widgets’ to the home page.  Click on the manage widget tool:

Select the tools that you would like to add.  The calendar widget is a useful one to add.  Another useful widget is the task widget, which allows you to see requests such as real time "Pick from Shelf" lists. 

You will now see the widgets on your Alma homepage: 

Key Tips!

Tip #1: When working at the circ desk, you will want to make the “Manage Patron Services” page as your active page. You will use this tool most frequently for circ functions. Be aware the system will time you out after 60 minutes of inactivity so it’s a good idea to refresh periodically during lulls of activity at the desk.  

Tip #2: When navigating in Alma, use the applications “Back” button or back arrow when possible rather than the browser’s back button.  This ensures more reliable operation.


Tip #3: It’s important to note that, to completely logout out of Alma, you must close the browser window or browser tab. If you try just signing out under your name, it’ll log you right back in. 

Tip #4: The help options can actually be useful, especially the "Help For This Page" option which will actually explain in detail all of the elements on each particular page that you're on in Alma. Simply click the Help icon in the upper right hand side of any page and select "Help For This Page." You can also search the help by selecting "Browse Online Help":