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Alma Training for Reynolds Libraries

Holds Workflow (part 1): Placing a hold request

Begin by conducting either a "Physical titles" or a "Physical items" search in the persistent search box. If you conduct a physical titles search, you will see a title level list of results. A "Physical items" search produces a list of each individual holdings. Under the record you will see a tab "Physical" which indicates the holdings information. There will be either a green dot (indicating item is available) or a gray dot (item not available) in the tab.  If you click the tab, it will display the holdings information. Click the "more actions" button on the far right to find the "Request" link. 

Here's what this would look like if conducting a Physical titles search:

Notice you can filter by Library. The Request button shows on the right. 

Upon clicking "Request", you will be taken to the following screen. Complete the following to submit the request:

1. Be sure to select "Patron physical item request" in dropdown menu

2. Scan or lookup patron

3. Select pickup location

4. Click the "Submit" button


Note: Do not worry about filling out any of the "Additional Request Attributes."

Once you've submitted the request, you will now see a Request notation on that record:

If you click that "1" beside Requests, it will take you to the Resource Request page that displays a detailed list of all the requests. You will see the one we just created below: