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Alma Training for Reynolds Libraries

Pick from shelf

This is part 2 of the Holds Workflow guide. Part 1 showed the process of placing a Holds request on a DTC item while logged into the PRC Circ Desk. In Part 2 I will be logged into DTC Circ Desk and will show the process for finding that item on the "Pick From Shelf" list and the steps for processing once the item is pulled from the shelf. The "Pick From Shelf" list is dynamically updated once a hold request is submitted. 

Under "Fulfillment", click on "Pick From Shelf":

You will see a list of all the Holds requests ready to be pulled from the shelf.  Notice that the book that was requested in part 1 shows in the list. You can Sort by Location Name and Call Number in addition to limiting the list with the Facets listed on the left hand side of the page. 


At this point, the easiest way to print the list is to simply perform the keyboard shortcut CTRL-P and proceed to print the entire list.  NOTE: If you click the button "Print Slip Report" on the top right, it gives you the option to download the list as an Excel Spreadsheet which probably won't be helpful. In most situations you'll just want to print the list as shown on the screen. 

Tip: It is possible to "Skip Location" if more than one library owns the item. This could be useful if for some reason the item requested is actually on the shelf of the requesting library already. Simply click the "Skip Location" button and it will ask you to confirm skipping the location on the next screen.  Once you confirm, the item will be moved off the pick up list:


Once you've pulled all the items from the shelf, you are now ready to "Scan In Items."  Under "Fulfillment" select "Scan In Items":


Before scanning in the items, make sure that "No" is selected beside "Automatically print slip" and make sure "Register in-house use" is unchecked: 

You'll see each item you scan fall into a list which will illustrate what action to take next. Since we're logged in as DTC for this example, any items scanned in that are PRC or GC pickup requests will move the item(s) to in transit and will display that library under the "Destination" column.  I scanned in the "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" example that we used in Part 1 and now the item is in transit to PRC. PRC will receive an email notice that the item is now in transit to them. 

If you scan in an item that was requested for pick up at DTC, you will notice that the item is now moved to "On Hold Shelf". Please note that a Holds Pickup notice is automatically emailed to the patron as soon as it's added to the Holds Shelf:

You will now see this item on the "Active Hold Shelf", which is found under "Fulfillment":